Currently listening to my colleagues talk while eating.

Is it just me or is this year running so fast. I remember when I was making notes for my first post. I noticed that I didn't talk much about myself, I also did a little intro about my blogging purpose. I decided to write about myself just incase you haven't met me or would want to know a little more about my quirky chubby self.

1) My name is CYNTHIA IFEOMA OKORIE, the person behind brownskeengirl.

2) I'm from Imo state in Nigeria.

3) I'm short sighted, I wore glasses for a long while(since I was 9) and decided to change my look, so I subscribed to contacts.

4) I like to joke and laugh a lot.

5) I am an introvert, but my friends wouldn't agree.

6) I enjoy intellectual conversations, good music, movies, reading and red wine.

7) I'm very scared of rats, I can't really say what scares me the most between rats, cats and dogs. I'm so not an animal lover.

8) I have an alter ego who is fascinated with acting. I always wish I could feature in a movie as a lead role,  just for prosterity sake.

9) I enjoy cooking, It comes naturally to me.

10) I love all things art related.

11) I wrote a book that never got published one time when I was in Jss 2. I wrote it in a notebook and passed it around to my classmates to read. lol. Thinking about it now, I wish I continued I probably would have been a celebrated author by now. A girl is allowed to dream yes?

12) I was born on the 21st of October (same date with Kim Kardashian, I needed you to know that just cos I admire her).

13) I'm a sucker for R&B.

14 ) I have a serious musical relationship with Brandy (not the drink). BRANDY NORWOOD.She's the queen. I love her music and her persona. Ugh..I can go on and on about her if you let me.

15) I am being mistaken for a snob, but when you get close to me....I am the silliest most playful being.

16) I am the second child, and the first girl out of 4 children. I have one adorable not so little sister and two handsome brothers.

17 )I am a Christian. My faith is a crucial part of my life.

18) I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I have a thing for well made beds, if I eventually sleep off on an unmade bed, my subconscious mind wakes me up by 1am to stand up and make my bed. i'm not even kidding.

19) I have a degree in linguistics and mass communication.

20) I have a purpose to create a lasting legacy in the lives of people and for the generation that will come from me.

                     Till my next read 

I hope i'm not too weird. Let me hear from you what random facts about you can you share.


  1. Very interesting post.only confident women really know themselves. Nice to meet you Cynthia.


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