Currently listening to my colleagues talk while eating.

Is it just me or is this year running so fast. I remember when I was making notes for my first post. I noticed that I didn't talk much about myself, I also did a little intro about my blogging purpose. I decided to write about myself just incase you haven't met me or would want to know a little more about my quirky chubby self.

1) My name is CYNTHIA IFEOMA OKORIE, the person behind brownskeengirl.

2) I'm from Imo state in Nigeria.

3) I'm short sighted, I wore glasses for a long while(since I was 9) and decided to change my look, so I subscribed to contacts.

4) I like to joke and laugh a lot.

5) I am an introvert, but my friends wouldn't agree.

6) I enjoy intellectual conversations, good music, movies, reading and red wine.

7) I'm very scared of rats, I can't really say what scares me the most between rats, cats and dogs. I'm so not an animal lover.

8) I have an alter ego who is fascinated with acti…


For a number of reasons, I decided to change up my makeup routine, and that included the need to  change and be on the lookout for new foundations that would work for my oily skin. I am someone that likes to stick to what works. I  also wouldn't normally buy stuff without getting a review about it, which is what I did for MAYBELLINE FIT ME, MATTE + PORELESS FOUNDATION. I finally tried this foundation and here's what I observed.

CONSISTENCY It has a runny/watery texture,  I had to pour a little carefully on the back of my Palm, to avoid excess spillage.
 When I applied to skin, I found out it was lightweight, it didn't feel like I had foundation on. This was very impressive as not a lot of drugstore foundation offers that lightweight feature.

COVERAGE It has a medium coverage, which can be built to a full coverage, it's best to use a concealer with it if you need an extra coverage for spots. I used a pump for all over my face and didn't use a concealer as I wanted to…


A lot of ladies have accepted the braid wig trend, not just because it's stressfree, it's also a good buy given that braid wigs can last as long as you want it to before replacing it.
Since I started making wigs, I discovered that it is proper  maintenance that determines the durability of  your wigs.  Most times, some ladies are faced with a major challenge on how to care properly for their hair units, a weave or a wig . However, caring for our hair units is a vital part of our slayage ( is that even a word ??) and shouldn't be very difficult to do. It's best to see your hair units as investments and your investments(wigs/weave) should be adequately taken care of  regardless of the cost. Braid wigs are easy to maintain without much hassles (because that's the whole point of owning a wig. No stress!)

EASY STEPS TO CARE FOR BRAID WIGS Trim the frayed hairs on the each braid first with a pair of scissors. Dip the braid halfway through into a bowl of hot water to stra…


Hi,my name is Cynthia and i love DIYs 😋.Here's the thing about DIYs, I see them as mother nature's gift to mankind to help combat impurities ,from cold to cramps to acne . Another part I love the most is it's pocket friendly.  Also ,would you rather heap harsh chemicals on your skin? . The skin is the largest organ in the body and it should be handled with optimal care . It's safer and kinder to use ingredients that are organic to help fight acne .  I have tried a lot of DIYs ,but I have a few that I would truly recommend for people who have it bad like me .Top 5 on my list .

HONEY AND CINNAMON MASK Cinnamon is a spice,Yes. Not to worry its not pepper. Honey and cinnamon make a killer combo for acne remedy . Honey , has natural antibiotic elements that kills all of the nasty bacteria . Cinnamon on the other hand ,has antimicrobial  properties that curbs bacteria .
What you need ; I teaspoon of cinnamon powder 2 tablespoons of honey  a bowl .
HOW TO USE . Thoroughly mix…