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I have had a long and bitter experience with acne, and for each phase of my acne journey, I longed for a clear skin, although I'm not there yet, I wanted to share all my experience and how I'm curbing it now. I normally have breakouts now and again, but I never quite experienced a terrible one as I did when I went for my NYSC (NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS). Although I can't really say what attributed to the massive breakouts, I observed that when I started using Milk of magnesia (mom), as a primer for my makeup, the pH of my facial skin changed drastically, It started as tiny pimples and then humongous acne, at that time I felt I could cover it up with makeup, but boy was I wrong, I  was doing more harm to my skin. I had to stop MOM as a primer. I was so embarrassed with my skin, I felt insecure, which led to follow any suggestions anyone had to give, I was so desperate that I went to run a blood test and skin test and all t…


are you still there?  I know I have been away for a while, but I'm back to figure this whole blog out. I hope you forgive me for my inconsistencies. I have been trying to feature some fun ways on the blog asides from the whole beauty (shebang).  Ever heard of Sharon ofthis is Ess? she is a lifestyle blogger, and one of my faves. she blogs about everything from beauty to fashion and lifestyle. LOVE HER. I stumbled upon a template on her blog and decided to feature on my blog. I believe It's a great way to pause and live in the moment.
Making; mental notes on how I can be a better person. Cooking: this should be eating, because I was served a bowl of afang soup and eba
Drinking: lots of water and peeing every 10 minutes
Reading: hasn't been like It used to but I'm currently reading A Certain Justice by P.D JAMES
Wanting: to feel appreciated.
Looking: forward to a time when I…


Choosing the right foundation can be tricky and if you're a perfectionist like me it can be a tad confusing, but the moment you discover the tips on getting the perfect shade right, foundation shopping becomes a thing of leisure. Find out how to find a perfect foundation from my little tips that I have to share. I have to state that I am no beauty guru, I just happen to do my fair share of research on makeup and what works best for me, so I'll be sharing a few tips on how I effectively choose the right foundation.
SWATCH CORRECTLY; When purchasing a new foundation, avoid 'testing' it on the back of your palm because the skin on that area most times could be lighter or darker than the skin on your face and neck. The effective place to apply foundation is on the jawline(the area below your cheekbones), it proffers a right shade between the forehead, the neck, and decolletage. 
GO BARE-FACED; its best to go bare-faced to the makeup store, but just in case you have makeup …


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Is it just me or is this year running so fast. I remember when I was making notes for my first post. I noticed that I didn't talk much about myself, I also did a little intro about my blogging purpose. I decided to write about myself just incase you haven't met me or would want to know a little more about my quirky chubby self.

1) My name is CYNTHIA IFEOMA OKORIE, the person behind brownskeengirl.

2) I'm from Imo state in Nigeria.

3) I'm short sighted, I wore glasses for a long while(since I was 9) and decided to change my look, so I subscribed to contacts.

4) I like to joke and laugh a lot.

5) I am an introvert, but my friends wouldn't agree.

6) I enjoy intellectual conversations, good music, movies, reading and red wine.

7) I'm very scared of rats, I can't really say what scares me the most between rats, cats and dogs. I'm so not an animal lover.

8) I have an alter ego who is fascinated with acti…